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ATM Merchant Systems (ATMMS) provides the complete line of merchant business solutions including Merchant Services, ATMs and Credit Card Cash Advance services. Save time and money with one supplier for all your financial processing needs.
We can provide your business with the latest ATMs, credit card machines or cash advance equipment available on the market today then match it up with great rates and around the clock live service.
    Superior ATM Products    
Superior ATM Products

ATM Merchant Systems is a value added distributor for Triton ATMs, the number one selling ATM manufacturer in America. We provide high and low traffic ATMs as well as an all-in-one Triton RL 5000XP for casinos. We are on the cutting edge of ATM technology and adding more functionality every day to better serve our clients' needs.

    Merchant Services    
Merchant Services

ATM Merchant Systems offers long-term low credit card processing rates, not just a "win your business teaser rate" that disappears about the same time the service and support is gone. We built our business realizing that the best way to be successful is by making your ongoing satisfaction our top priority. Our merchant services team is available to get you started today.

    Cash Advance Solution    
Cash Advance

ATM Merchant Systems has the newest state-of-the-art debit card and credit card cash advance system on the market. Our system is the only swipe and scan touch screen system for credit card cash advance. Your gaming customers will enjoy not having to sign up for a program to get their cash advance. They can get the money they need quickly and efficiently with minimal effort.

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