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Cash Advance

Put $20,000 or MORE per month in the Hands of Your Gaming Customers?

The Ultimate in Cash Advance Convenience!

Increase game floor cash in 60 seconds with these four easy steps:

1. Swipe Credit or Debit Card
2. Scan Driverís License
3. Print the Receipt
4. GIVE CASH and keep gaming

With the ATM Merchant Systems (ATMMS) Cash Advance system you get the money into the hands of your players quickly and efficiently. ATMMS has the newest, state of the art pin-less debit card and credit card cash advance system on the market.

Customers can use the cash advance system from ATMMS to get the money they need to continue playing once they have reached their maximum cash limit. The cash comes directly out of their checking account without any added fees from their bank.

Credit and Debit Card Cash Advance

ATMMS Cash Advance process makes it easy to deliver additional cash into the hands of your gaming customers. Our easy to use browser-based interface combined with the interactive touch screen makes getting credit card cash advances easy, fast, secure and error free.

Our automated cash advance system consists of three different access points; at the cashier, at a free standing kiosk and at the ATM. With our multiple points for obtaining cash, your players will be able to get the cash advance they need.

Slim Hardware that Saves Space

Save space with our low profile Cash Advance Kiosk, low profile receipt printer and small receipt paper. Our fully automated Cash Advance Kiosk takes up minimal floor space while saving you time on cash advance transactions.

Automatic Deposit of Funds

No need to wait for the reimbursement check to clear the bank. Our automated system deposits your funds electronically after the cash advance occurs. This will save you time and money on all of your cash advance transactions.

Benefits of the ATMMS Cash Advance System

∑ Allow customers to access cash that wasnít available to them before
∑ Players can spend more time gaming
∑ Increase cash flow for gaming and non gaming transactions
∑ Receive funds for cash advance transactions electronically
∑ Eliminate errors with the motorized drivers license reader

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